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Local Edmonton SEO – Helpful Tips To Rank High

Excerpt: Should you go for local SEO or should your efforts be focused...

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Should you go for local SEO or should your efforts be focused on general SEO? In 2022, you might think that trying to rank 1st for virtually any topic will be next to impossible. However, local SEO allows you to attack the same keywords, usually at significantly lower difficulties!

Local edmonton SEO – Tips To Rank

Your local Edmonton SEO strategy will involve a number of steps, from keyword research to execution, here are the process involved in putting together an SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

Find niche-relevant keywords that have a low keyword difficulty and a high search volume.

Create A Content Map

Once you find your keywords, you will want to create content based on those keywords. A basic content strategy would be:

  • Make a list of keywords.
  • Decide what keywords are relevant to your main content.
  • Make web pages for these specific keywords.
  • Create a blog and write content to rank for similar keywords.
  • Optimize the blog for semantic SEO and topical authority

Citation & Link Building

Citations are website directories that usually tackle a specific niche or geographical area. You will want to find as many local niche-relevant free citation sites as you can get. If the website has a paywall to post the content, you could potentially receive a penalty from Google for participating in a link-building scheme. 
Link building is getting any website to link to your website, to be effective as a tactic, you will want high DA and DR sites that are in your niche, and preferably in your local area. If you are a digital SEO agency, getting a backlink from a health-focused site does not make much sense from Google. But if you are a personal trainer, getting a link from a site like Health Line would be a huge achievement.

Google My Business (GMB)

Ranking in, or near the top 3 for a map pack, can be much more lucrative and easier than trying to attack a keyword for organic rankings. When you create your GMB page, make sure to optimize the profile for your industry, and service area. Creating a GMB page should be one of the first steps for any business, local or national.

Industry Outreach

If you happen to know any other successful local website owners in your area, ask them if you can get a link to your website, you can even “guest post”, which is to write a blog article for them to post. Even if it’s not in your niche, high DA and DR sites that are local to you can help boost your local rankings. Since your site is most likely new, your DA and DR are probably not that high, and therefore not an issue, however, if you use a tool like Ahrefs (DA) or Moz (DR), you can find out your scores for each. Once you find out your scores, try to get websites that are ranked as least as high as you or higher.
This is an incredibly difficult aspect of SEO and it will be incredibly challenging for beginners to achieve.

Social Media

Google has stated that social media profiles are not a factor. However, they can help you connect with your audience on another already established platform. These users may eventually travel to, or search your website on Google! This data will help you optimize for other users that are trying to find your content.

Google Search Console (GSC)

GSC is an incredibly powerful tool once you’ve spent some time in it. It shows you statistics like what keywords you’re ranking for, CTR (click-through-rate), impressions, keywords, any site speed issues, and more! You will want GSC to track your data from day 1, it will greatly improve your SEO strategy if you monitor the data.
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Why Choose Local SEO For Edmonton?

Lots of keywords are almost impossible to rank for on a national level. For example, if this blog wanted to rank #1 for SEO in all of Canada, we would need almost 1,200 backlinks! We might be able to get there eventually, but since we’re a young blog, “Edmonton SEO” is a little more acheiveable.
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The keyword “Edmonton SEO” only needs roughly 30 backlinks! While can still be a tough task, 30 backlinks is way more reasonable than 1,200. Not to mention you’ll start to get traffic to your pages much faster. More traffic = more data, this will allow for faster optimization. If your content is optimized well for the lesser-difficulty keywords, then it will give you experience to rank for the higher ones.

Topical Authority

Google also likes authority, modern SEO is focused around “topical authority”. SEO is our main topic, so we need to generate hundreds of high-quality articles around that topic. With enough well-researched articles, you can be seen as an “authority” on that topic and Google will rank you higher. 

Imagine how much easier it would be, if we only needed to gain topical authority status for “Edmonton SEO”, our competition is much younger, and not nearly as prolific writers. Topical authority takes time, so be patient and start making that content!

Frequently asked questions

Yes! There is a lot to it though, if you’re just starting out, you may want to higher an expert.

No! It applies to everywhere, Edmonton is just where we live, ;).

Have a well-defined strategy, know what your keywords are, and how you’re customers are trying to find you.

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